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Since its inception VPartner has grown and diversified internationally. The present parent company started out as a consultancy organization for the oil & gas industry offering specialized engineering and management services related to deepwater subsea robotics marine operations and project managerial services. This is still a vital part of VPartner’s day to day activity but today we are also diversifying outside Europe into a variety of exciting new areas.

The discovery of vibrant business opportunities in West and Central Africa in 2006 was the start of VPartner’s extensive engagements on the African continent today. As VPartner's African operations mature we have now accepted invitations to explore and engage in business prospects in the Middle East.

Success within markets outside the traditional western world calls for an understanding of traditional and modern values in these environments and the comprehension to put in place the required competences. It is quite obvious what happens to the competence if any one of the multipliers in the formula gets a low score:


Oil and Gas

Real Estate & Civil Engineering

in Africa


Recent Projects

  • We are responding to a demand from the West African market in trying to identify cost effective solutions for Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs)
    photo courtesy of Teekay
  • The establishment of NIPUNN-VPartner HOLDING AS  began VPartner's venture into the cutting edge process technologies so critical to modern hydrocarbon production
  • Versatile elegant architecture offering luxury leisure from early morning to late at night